Joan M. Zenzen, Ph.D.
Independent Historian

NIST Automated Manufactoring Research Facility

Other Government Histories

History of the Automated Manufacturing Research Facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology under a contract with NIST. 

Research and writing:  Zenzen conducted primary source research at the laboratory and reviewed engineering and manufacturing journals at the University of Maryland libraries.  Conducted 35 oral history interviews with scientists and engineers involved in the program.  Wrote a five-chapter book, including photographs and appendices.  Wrote an informational brochure about the Manufacturing Laboratory. 

Results:  This history captured a unique point in the history of the manufacturing engineering lab’s work and helped NIST mark its centennial.  Zenzen gave an invited talk at NIST in March 2001.

History of nuclear production reactors while working as a Historian at History Associates Incorporated. 

Research and writing:  Trained and supervised two research historians in primary source research; collaborated with senior historian and co-founder Rodney Carlisle on the research and writing of a history of nuclear production reactors; wrote two chapters of the original manuscript; edited other chapters. 

Results:  This history chronicled for the first time the development of the Hanford and Savannah River production reactors in relationship to the overall governmental program.
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